Is it possible to install aptana studio (the stand alone version) via yum so that it will appear in my menu?


I just did it without Yum, so I'll write it up. Fedora 16 Aptana install without yum including icons

Download your version from http://aptana.org/products/studio3/download and extract Aptana 3 to a folder.

Open a root shell and move the extracted folder to /usr/local/bin or wherever you install things.

mv Aptana_Studio_3 /usr/local/bin/

Go there.

cd /usr/local/bin/Aptana_Studio_3

Add it to your system path if you want to be able to launch it from the shell:

nano ~/.bashrc

Add/edit the PATH line to include your aptana dir:


Save/exit and open a new shell. Test that you can launch it.


Still in the folder you just created, make a symlink so it's easier to launch:

ln -s AptanaStudio3 aptana

Test the symlink


Add the icon in gnome 3, as root:

cd /usr/share/applications

Create a new file

nano aptana-studio-3.desktop

Add this to the file (edit path depending where you put it before):

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Aptana Studio 3

Save it.


Note- this will not put aptana in the PATH of everyone, just yourself. You could edit /etc/.bashrc or other global environment config file to make sure everyone has it.

In this example however, everyone will get it in their menus.

From there, open the Applications menu -> Programming and drag aptana to your dock, if you want.

This works in fc16 compiz desktop but should work for other recent redhat flavors.


Two additional notes:

  • gedit ~/.bash_profile could also be edited for individual path, it comes by default with every GNOME installation in case you don't have nano.
  • in case you can't lunch AptanaStudio3 after editing the path variable, you need to refresh the path variable by yourself. You can do this you can type PATH=$PATH:/opt/Aptana_Studio_3, being this path the path you used to install Aptana Studio 3

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