how can i change the volume from PreferenceActivity? i have this xml:

        android:name="Ringtone Preference"
        android:summary="Select a ringtone"
        android:key="ringtonePref" />
    android:name="Volume Preference"
    android:summary="Ringtone Volume"
    android:title="Ringtone Volume"


and the Class extends PreferenceActivity:

public class SettingTest extends PreferenceActivity {

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState){

I don't know how to change the volume (If i run the app, it display the Volume SeekBar, but won't save the changes)


Maybe try this:

protected void onStart() {

Remove android:name from xml, preference xml should look like this.

  • I dont think i understand, could you please be more specific? Where shoul i put this in the code above? Thanks a lot – Johannes May 17 '12 at 10:37
  • see the link there is a good example, addPreferencesFromResource must be from xml folder – monawi May 23 '12 at 7:41

[VolumePreference][1] is in fact hidden in the API, so you probably shouldn't be using it. When I use this code, the value is actually stored; it remebers the position on the SeekBar. Naturally the value is not saved in the application's preferences file, because the settings should be applied to the system, and not to the app...

But, even though it seems to remember the position correctly, the volume is not actually affected at all. You might want to take a look at how the settings app does it:


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