If stroking a bezier curve whose last control point overlaps first point, the curve shape won't display on canvas; The sample code is as

    var cv = document.getElementById('cv'), cxt = cv.getContext('2d'),

//  4 points :  last point overlaps first point;
pts = [[100, 100], [400, 50], [350, 300], [100, 100]];

//  draw bezier curve
cxt.moveTo(pts[0][0], pts[0][1]);
cxt.bezierCurveTo(pts[1][0], pts[1][2], pts[2][0], pts[2][3], pts[3][0], pts[3][4]);


I have asked in chrome-help forum before but never get any responses. Why no one notice this? Is it a bug ??

As I haven't permission to attach image now, please check here for a live sample and you are definitely knowing what I am saying: Chrome canvas 'bezierCurveTo' bug

  • trying to catch the eye of Webkit developers ? :) – Jocelyn LECOMTE May 17 '12 at 14:10

This is hack, but you could apply little offset on one of the coordinates (x or y). In that case first and last points' coordinates will not be exactly the same and Chrome will draw the curve. Try something like this:

pts = [[100, 100], [400, 50], [350, 300], [100, 100]];


cxt.moveTo(pts[0][0], pts[0][1]);
cxt.bezierCurveTo(pts[1][0], pts[1][1], 
                  pts[2][0], pts[2][1], 
                  pts[3][0], pts[3][1]+1e-5);


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  • Thanks. Actually I know how to get around but just want to notice Chrome-team to fix the issue in some later versions. I posted the issue to Chrome forum long ago but didn't get any response. – zc0000 May 17 '12 at 15:26
  • @zc0000 So in stackoverflow, you are looking for audience to support you for 'knocking the doors' of Webkit developers houses, I guess. :) – Engineer May 17 '12 at 15:31

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