I have been told that JMeter has some issues with ASP.NET pages, is that true?

I am beginner in JMeter and do not want to run into some problems that I will not be able to solve. I have read that some people were using it successfully, the thing is, how many manual alterations and JMeter knowledge does it take?

Also the basic question: How good is latest version of JMeter in testing ASP webpages from your experience?


There is kind of specific for testing ASP.NET app with Jmeter but it can be completely handled with Jmeter's out-of-box possibilities.

The same question already asked here.
Look also into Jmeter wiki into particular section about tesing ASP.NET using jmeter.

As well there is a lot of articles about this:

Quite a useful article, although non-jmeter but MS VS related: Web Test Authoring and Debugging Techniques.

Please don't be lazy to look for available info across the internet, and ask here more specific questions if you will meet any issues during further testing.

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