The webcam is supported already in Opera Next, but what about microphone support? Do you know something about it?


I know that there is a spec located here: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-htmlspeech/2011Feb/att-0020/api-draft.html

And that webkit supports it like this: http://www.labnol.org/software/add-speech-recognition-to-website/19989/

The correct code would be:

<input x-webkit-speech type="text" />
  • Not the speech input. I mean a real microphone API, using we can create applications like skype in browser, without plugins like flash. – Danny Fox May 18 '12 at 10:53
  • 2
    @Danny Fox: why not the speech input? If you're wanting to capture audio, a speech input sounds ideal. Why does this not fit what you need? – Jon Cram May 18 '12 at 12:31
  • @JonCram - I came here looking to write a ukulele tuner. Speech input won't help me even a little. I need an audio stream from the microphone. – gilly3 Jan 7 '14 at 3:03

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