How can I print out some debug output, like the contents of an array variable? I'm using cakephp and eclipse and can't seem to be able to do this. I am not talking about logging errors, just print some variable value. It might be obvious and really easy to do, but I can't find a way to do it.

Thank you


There are no dumb questions for someone learning. So here are your options :

  • Anywhere in your code, place the following statement debug($var);. This works in Controllers/Views and Models as well.

  • Alternative: use CakeLog::write(LOG_DEBUG, "..."); to log debug values

  • To be complete, one should install the very helpful DebugKit plugin. Get it from here

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    It's worth mentioning in your answer that debug level must be set to 2 in app/config/core.php Configure::write('debug', 2); – Fr0zenFyr May 15 '15 at 17:32

First check in your core.php file inside config folder ..

debug mode is 2 or not..

Configure::write('debug', 2);

and you can print data , array ,

like this:-


we have debuging kit also for cakephp, By this you can see your request, session, $this->data values,, url,


All you have to do is to use cakephp debug function like


Before that you have to set debug mode to 2 at core.php under app/config folder

Here is more detail about the debug

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