I have a CMS website (hosted on the A server) and would like to place a Google Map on one of the pages there.

What I did was to create a new html page (hosted on B server) that does the mapping and adds few markers using Google API v3.

Our CMS is something like Wikipedia (we can edit pages) so I thought of adding an iframe (on a page from A server) to the new html page that I created (located on B server). Everything loads perfectly in IE, Chrome, FF I can see the map loading in the iFrame with 10-20 markers on the map.

Here is the problem: in IE8 the map is frozen, i cannot use the mouse to navigate throughout the map. I can still get the infowindows to load but the map is not moving when I drag it.

Few more details:

  • IF I put the same iFrame on a different host (different from the CMS machine), it would all work with no problem - but obviously we need this to show in the CMS.
  • IF I switch the compatibility mode on my IE8, it would start working: it would enable me using the mouse and move/drag the map.
  • IF I point the iFrame to pages on the web that are delivered through SSL, it would work fine .
  • IF the mapping is done on v2 (as opposed to v3) - it also seems like it's working.

Without a url to test with, we're left to make guesses.

Here's a couple:

  • Since you mentioned SSL, make sure you are loading the Maps API via SSL and that your problem isn't currently being caused by non-SSL content. The IE developer tools should have warnings on the console if this is the case.
  • Use the IE specific X-UA-Compatible header/meta tag inside your iframe to specify compatibility mode.

Actually it works in IE but you need to set width and height. By default IE doesn't accept width:100% and height:100% and you have to do something like this:

<style type="text/css">

And Google map is in a div by id="google_map".

<div id="google_map"></div>

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