When installing Apache on Ubuntu 11.10, I get the following error:

configure: error: APR not found. Please read the documentation.

I followed the instructions here, then, I get the error below:

configure: error: pcre-config for libpcre not found. PCRE is required and available from http://pcre.org/

What am I doing wrong and how can I resolve it?


1. Download PCRE from PCRE.org

2. Compile it with a prefix and install it:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/pcre
make install

3. Go back to where your Apache installation is and compile Apache with PCRE:

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    I had to designate the pcre config location explicitly like ./configure --with-pcre=/usr/local/pcre/pcre-config in CentOS 6.3 – Troy Knapp Aug 21 '12 at 0:54
  • Does the httpd make process statically link with PCRE? or do I need to include them with the compiled httpd stuff if I tar it and share it? – nterry Nov 2 '13 at 1:12
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    Same here, I needed to state the full path name of the file for RHEL 5: --with-pcre=/usr/local/bin/pcre-cofnig – Eric Mar 7 '15 at 0:38
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    Eric the spelling mistake for config in your comment wasted my two hours x( please edit – MohitC Feb 16 '16 at 6:06
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    and finally after several hours my command ./configure --with-included-apr --with-pcre=/usr/local/pcre/bin/pcre2-config is successful.. Never give up!!!!! :) – Triven Apr 16 '16 at 8:05

For me (Fedora Linux), it was enough to just install the pcre-devel: yum install -y pcre-devel. Didn't even have to use --with-pcre afterwards.

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    This was all I needed in Ubuntu as well. Do sudo apt-get install libpcre3-dev (or, you know, whichever package/version is available in your time, Future Boy), then go back and try exactly the same options on ./configure as got the error originally. Should work now. – daemonexmachina Dec 19 '14 at 14:46
  • Works fine for RedHat 6, too. – Halmackenreuter Feb 11 '15 at 11:09


In a clean installation of Debian 9.5, during the installation of Apache it is necessary to have some packages and libraries to avoid errors. Next I show the type of error and its respective solution


  • configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

    $ sudo apt-get install build-essential

  • configure: error: pcre-config for libpcre not found. PCRE is required and available from http://pcre.org/

    $ sudo apt-get install libpcre3-dev

Then I make the configuration indicating that it is installed in the path /usr/local and not in /usr/local/apache2, otherwise I will have library errors. The idea is that the libraries created for httpd end in /usr/local/lib so that the dynamic linker knows them.

$ configure --prefix /usr/local


And for the compilation the following the installation of some packages also would avoid us errors in a clean installation of Debian.

  • xml/apr_xml.c:35:19: fatal error: expat.h: No such file or directory.

    $ sudo apt-get install libexpat1-dev.

It is recommended to use the -j3 parameter to make the compilation faster. Although it could also be ignored.

$ make -j3

I was other problem compiling apache2 in CentOS with pcre. I installed pcre in other location "/custom/location/pcre" and configure command throw the following error

configure: error: Did not find pcre-config script at "/custom/location/pcre"

to solve it changing the flag --with-pcre=/custom/location/pcre to --with-pcre=/custom/location/pcre/bin/pcre2-config

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    I had exactly the same problem and using ./configure --with-included-apr --with-pcre=/usr/local/pcre/bin/pcre2-config solved it for me - wonder why was this ever downvoted !! – Yogesh Devi Jan 16 '17 at 11:18

In RHEL 3 is not necessary setting parameter --with-pcre pointing to pcre-config. Only need pcre path

My configure command:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache2 --with-pcre=/usr/local/pcre
  • Thanks, I just removed quotes (") in prefix param – albertoiNET Dec 7 '16 at 10:55

This worked for me

./configure --prefix /u01/apache --with-included-apr --with-pcre=/usr/local/pcre/bin/pcre2-config


BTW, on CentOS 7.6 before building httpd, please install pcre-devel

`$ sudo yum install pcre-devel` 
  • can you put some explanation here so it help to understand better. – Shanteshwar Inde Apr 16 '19 at 10:53

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