I'm searching for a finite field linear algebra library for Haskell.

Something like FFLAS-FFPACK for Haskell would be great :-).

Of course, I checked hmatrix, there seems to be some support for arbitrary matrix element types but I couldn't find any finite field library which works with hmatrix. And surely I'd appreciate a performant solution :-)

In particular I want to be able to multiply 𝔽pn×1 and 𝔽p1×m matrices (vectors) to 𝔽pn×m matrices.


Your best bet would be a binding to FFLAS/FFPACK, that represents the data in native Haskell types. However, I can't see that we have such a binding yet.

Related libraries that would be a good starting point:

For getting started with array structures the vector tutorial isn't bad:

So, in summary, I think you might need to quickly whip up bindings to fflas, then expose them via hmatrix or vector.

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