Using xcode I would like to see a diff between a working copy of a file and the latest commit in the respository. I know that if I commit I can get the comparison. And I know I do it from the command line using 'git diff'. But is there a way to do it from the xcode GUI?

I keep thinking there must be a way to do this, but can't find it.


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Here are screenshots.

Click the Version Editor button in the top-right (highlighted box):

enter image description here

Then, click the revision to compare with (footer highlighted box):

enter image description here

Also, you can navigate through each change using these buttons: < and >

enter image description here

Finally, you can undo a single change with "Discard Change" like so:

enter image description here

  • is there anyway that you can get them in a unified format like Github? See this image. Currently what Xcode has is split...
    – mfaani
    Apr 20, 2017 at 20:44
  • How do you get the remote's latest commit? When I do "git fetch" I still don't the repo's latest commit as an option when comparing commits Jun 2, 2020 at 13:49

Phillip and Donn both have the correct answer but I'm including an additional screenshot to clarify why using the "Show the Version editor" button is the PRECISELY CORRECT ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION. I'd argue that this should be the accepted answer and all others should be deleted to avoid confusion. :)

As shown in the screenshow below, "Show the Version editor" presents a split view that is a VISUAL DIFF between selected revisions, which default to your local revision on the left and the most recent repo revision on the right. The key is to use the arrows centered at the bottom to browse through the individual diffs. The numbers between the arrows indicate the current diff and the total number of diffs.

Version Editor View


It's not exactly diff but you can get a side-by-side comparison using the version editor button, just above the word "Editor" at the top-right of your Xcode window.

It's the arrow icon to the right of the Assistant Editor icon on upper right of screen 1. The commit/cancel answer also works. Menu: source_control --> Commit (then cancel).

  • I cannot see this - can you add a screenshot?
    – dumbledad
    Oct 8, 2015 at 12:17

If you purely want to see the difference with the previous commit then you could just follow the shortcuts for Commit ie do: Opt CmdC. I find this faster to access. Additionally you will see ALL changes you made and not be limited to a single file.

enter image description here

If you want to compare with 2-3 commits before then you would have to use the comparison button that other answers have already mentioned.


Xcode10 has a change bar. See this moment from WWDC 2018 Source Control Workflows in Xcode

enter image description here


So, for those poor souls who have updated to Xcode 12 and feels completely lost, just go to View -> Show Code Review. The old Version Editor (or something alike) will be there.

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    If someone is a poor soul who is searching for side by side comparison, change "Inline Comparison" to "Side by side comparison" is the menu next to comparison (to the right of left and right arrows, which symbolize git)
    – iago849
    Jan 19, 2022 at 10:45

I have discovered a way to do what I want to do. If you hit the commit button on the repository page you are presented with the commit view which provides an opportunity to diff the about to be committed versions of each file with the latest commit in the current branch. You can review your diffs and then cancel the commit.

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