I have a Rails application that's using the Devise gem, and I'm creating a Rails Engine to mount in this app.

mount Comments::Engine => '/talk', :as => 'comments'

Within the Engine, I want to get the current_user instance from main application.

In {main_app}/initializers/comments.rb

Comments.user_class = "User"
Comments.current_user = "current_user" #current_user is Devise method(works fine in app)

In {engine}/lib/comments.rb

require "comments/engine"

module Comments
  mattr_accessor :user_class, :current_user

  def self.user_class

  def self.current_user

When I call Comments.current_user, I get the error "wrong constant name current_user".

What am I doing wrong?


Seams I'm solved problem. I'd call current_user within Comments model and it didn't work. However getting current_user from controller, works fine. But this is not elegant way (.

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    current_user uses the session, so it is not supposed to work on the model. – Zamith Mar 8 '13 at 11:32

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