I prefer to use glob syntax in my .hgignore files, but now I need to create a rooted pattern. I want to ignore my /static directory, but not /assets/static. The line


ignores both. Is there a way to do rooted glob patterns? If not, I can switch to regex, but glob just seems so much more natural for matching pathnames.


You cannot root your glob patterns — this is documented in the manpage. You can, however, switch back and forth between the glob and regexp syntax:

syntax: glob

syntax: regexp

syntax: glob

According to hgignore (5), it's not possible with globs:

Neither glob nor regexp patterns are rooted. A glob-syntax pattern of the form *.c will match a file ending in .c in any directory, and a regexp pattern of the form .c$ will do the same. To root a regexp pattern, start it with ^.

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