This is my first time on Stack Overflow so please be lenient with this question. I have been experimenting with programming with batch and using DOSbox to run them on my linux machine.

Here is the code I have been using:

@echo off
set a=3
set b=4
set c=%a%+%b%
echo %c%
set d=%c%+1
echo %d%

The output of that is:


How would I add the two variables instead of echoing that string?


You need to use the property /a on the set command.

For example,

set /a "c=%a%+%b%"

This allows you to use arithmetic expressions in the set command, rather than simple concatenation.

Your code would then be:

@set a=3
@set b=4
@set /a "c=%a%+%b%"
echo %c%
@set /a "d=%c%+1"
echo %d%

and would output:

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    I tried that, and it didn't work. it output ECHO is off and ECHO is off. – Swarage May 20 '12 at 17:01
  • If you save the code into a .bat file and run it from the command line, it produces the output 7 8. The echo command will still output if used specifically, even when echo is off. What do you see output when you run the code? – staticbeast May 20 '12 at 17:07
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    Well, I installed DOSBox on my Windows XP machine and replicated what you're seeing. DOSBox doesn't appear to handle arithmetic set SET /a and I can't find any patch information in their sourceforge. You may need to try a different dos emulator to get this to work. – staticbeast May 20 '12 at 18:23
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    set /a c = %a% + %b% gives me Missing operand. – johny why Sep 21 '16 at 17:41
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    @staticbeast because set /a is a Windows NT's cmd extension. DOS doesn't have that. Windows cmd is not DOS – phuclv Nov 14 '16 at 16:56

According to this helpful list of operators [an operator can be thought of as a mathematical expression] found here, you can tell the batch compiler that you are manipulating variables instead of fixed numbers by using the += operator instead of the + operator.

Hope I Helped!


You can solve any equation including adding with this code:

@echo off

title Richie's Calculator 3.0


echo Welcome to Richie's Calculator 3.0

echo Press any key to begin calculating...


echo Enter An Equation

echo Example: 1+1

set /p 

set /a sum=%equation%


echo The Answer Is:

echo %sum%


echo Press any key to return to the main menu



goto main
  • As far as terminology goes, you are not "solving any equation" here. You are instead "evaluating an expression" involving variables with known values. Solving an arbitrary equation would require symbolic math of some kind and would be a great deal more complicated! – Some Guy May 8 '18 at 0:20
TITLE Addition
ECHO Type the first number you wish to add:
SET /P Num1Add=
ECHO Type the second number you want to add to the first number:
SET /P Num2Add=
SET /A Ans=%Num1Add%+%Num2Add%
ECHO The result is: %Ans%
ECHO Press any key to exit.
ECHO Welcome to my calculator!
ECHO What is the number you want to insert to find the sum?
SET /P Num1=
ECHO What is the second number? 
SET /P Num2=
SET /A Ans=%Num1%+%Num2%
ECHO The sum is: %Ans%
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You're looking for the '/a' property. Here:

@echo off
set a=3
set b=4
set/a c=%a%+%b%
echo %c%
set/a d=%c%+1
echo %d%

'/a' is for math. You can't input letters into it. The default return value is 0. The output will be:


here is mine

echo Math+ 
ECHO First num:
 SET /P a= 
ECHO Second num:
 SET /P b=
 set /a s=%a%+%b% 
echo Result: %s%
  • This is nearly the same (3 years old) answer like the answer from Tamil selvan. – jeb Oct 22 '17 at 8:15

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