with _range you can do a between query

start_date = datetime.date(2005, 1, 1)
end_date = datetime.date(2005, 3, 31)
Entry.objects.filter(pub_date__range=(start_date, end_date))

You can use this if you have 2 dates and want to check if the date in het DB is between those 2 dates

In my case I have 1 date and want to check if that date is between my 2 date fields in db

class Deals(models.Model):
    starting = models.DateField()
    ending = models.Datefield()

How can I do a between query to check if month = '2010-01-01' is between starting and ending


I have deals in de Deals table. I want to know if there is a deal in January 2010(2010-01-01), February 2010(2010-02-01), etc

Like this

SELECT * FROM deals WHERE '2010-01-01' BETWEEN starting AND ending 
  • Checking if a month is between a particular start/end doesn't require a query. Do you actually mean you want to find the Dates instance(s) where month is between starting and ending? – Daniel Roseman May 21 '12 at 10:08
  • I edited the topic. I need to find deals that apply for each month of a certain year. Hope it's clear – nelsonvarela May 21 '12 at 10:17
Deals.objects.filter(starting__gte=mydate, ending__lte=mydate)

Doc is here

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