I want to save weekdays in database, so i thought to store it by assigning int value to each day. i.e

1 -> Selected, 0 -> Not Selected.

Monday = 0/1

Tuesday = 0/1

. . . . .

Sunday = 0/1.

But this will make 7 columns in DB. So I was thinking if anyone can help me with this if I should store it in a single array and retrieve the values for further use. I was reading some examples over internet but didn't get it in a easy way.

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    if you want to store array in one column then put your all days value in json array and store it to in database. May 21, 2012 at 12:09

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To insert 7 values in one column you can use comma separator like this

where Total_Score_P1 is an string array

//string array

String[]  Total_Score =  new String[] { p1e1,p1e2,p1e3,p1e4,p1e5,p1e6 };

// Convderting it into a single string 

String result_ScoreP1 = ("" + Arrays.asList(Total_Score_P1)).
             replaceAll("(^.|.$)", "  ").replace(", ", "  , " );

result_ScoreP1 will be

// output of this

result_ScoreP1 = "p1e1,p1e2,p1e3,p1e4,p1e5,p1e6";

insert it as a single string in database and when retrieve it in again break in parts like

// a string array list

// query fired

public ArrayList<String> rulTable(String id) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        ArrayList<String> Ruleob = new ArrayList<String>();

        Cursor c_rule;

            c_rule = db.query(NameTable, new String[]{
            Rule_COurseID + "=" + id ,
                              null, null, 
                              null, null, null);


            // if there is data available after the cursor's pointer, add
            // it to the ArrayList that will be returned by the method.
            if (!c_rule.isAfterLast())


                while (c_rule.moveToNext());

            // let java know that you are through with the cursor.
        catch(Exception e)

        return Ruleob;


//list to get elements 

 ArrayList<String>  ListOne = new ArrayList<String>();

ArrayList<String> row ;

// received values
        row = db.TheTable(id);
        String r1 = row .get(0);


catch(Exception e)



 StringTokenizer st2 = new StringTokenizer(r1, "||");

            while(st2.hasMoreTokens()) {
            String Desc = st2.nextToken();
               System.out.println(Desc+ "\t" ); 


You can use a binary integer 1= selected 0 =Not Selected (1111111) (0000000)

total seven days so index 0=mon, 1=tues, 2=wed, 3=thurs, 4=friday, 5=sat, 6=sunday..and so on..

here 1111111 means all day selected, 0000000 all day not selected, 0001000 only thursday is selected.

  • yah, i knw that, but it'll be a same thing as i am doing now, any idea if we can use array/arraylist in DB as I have to use those days to set Alarm ON in my app.
    – Harpreet
    May 21, 2012 at 12:11
  • you can set Alarm by this concept, not a big deal. May 21, 2012 at 12:14

I have also discovered a way i.e. convert your so called values to a JSON Array and then store the complete JSON String to an entity/field in Database.

It helps in serving the values easily and effectivly.


Create another table with a column for each day, boolean value. Make an association to this table by integer id (use a foreign key) This is the relational way of solving the problem.

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