I am planning to using Apache Tomcat for my development purpose in Eclipse IDE. I have created a webservice application, for this I need to configure Installed runtime as Tomcat Server, to run the service.

When I try to install it, I find it was missing in the list of servers.

Tomcat Server Missing

How can I resolve this?


Window > Show View > Servers. From there, Right click > New > Server and you should see a first group called Apache, with plenty of Tomcats to choose from.

It might depend on the version of Eclipse you are using. I know for sure that Eclipse for Java EE Developers contains these servers, Eclipse Classic or Eclipse for Java Developers might not include them.

  • its not included in Eclipse Version: 3.7.2 Build id: M20120208-0800, is there any chance to get that – developer May 21 '12 at 19:02
  • Which flavour did you download? Eclipse for Java EE Developers, Eclipse Classic, Eclipse for Java Developers, other? – Alexis Pigeon May 21 '12 at 19:32

I got this problem and found this solution, may be it can help you: - 1st: Copy file servlet-api.jar in folder install tomcat:ex:C:\tomcat\common\lib\servlet-api.jar into folder install java ex: C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.5\jre\lib\ext. -2nd: open: C:\tomcat\conf\context.xml

add Text:

< Context reloadable = “true”>



  • 3rd: Download file tomcatPlugin….

  • unzip into "plugin" folder of eclipse

  • Start eclipse, go to Window\preference\

  • In Preference Tab:

    • Chose Tomcat and config:

    +Tomcat version: Your installed tomcat version

    +Tomcat home: link to folder that you unzip tomcat (C:\Tomcat5.5)

    • Manager App username: admin

    Manager App password: admin

    Clik OK

  • Restart Eclipse


Source: http://maivanha.blogspot.com/2007/11/i.html

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