I'm not sure if I'm asking the question right...

So far I have been using Java Editor (JE) with the Java SDK for compiling the code. But writing the code in JE is like writing text in Notepad and it returns the error "Could not find symbol" in many different cases (I don't know if the editor returns this error or the compilers). But it's really simple to use.

I'm searching for an editor which automatically formats the code. For example: making the words "int", "double" e.t.c. bold, changing the colour of classes' names, hiding the code of a method, e.t.c. I'm sure there are a lot of editors that can do this.

I have been trying to do find other editors myself, but without any luck. Probably because I'm searching in a wrong way.

I have some knowledge in C++ and C#. I have been using MS Visual Studio Express and I really like how the editors automatically format the code and allow me to hide certain pars of the code.

I'm an absolute beginner in Java, so for now I'm only making simple programs. But my way of arranging the code causes me to scroll through the code quite a lot, especially when the code is long, and it's a bit hard to see what is what in JE.

Could you introduce me the editors you have used, explain the good and bad things about them?

P.S. Sorry for the tags, if they are not suitable enough. I can only thing of 2 suitable tags...

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    By the way, the term is Integrated Development Environment, or IDE if you value your time.
    – Tharwen
    May 22 '12 at 8:38
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    When I started coding I started using notepad++ as this was the easiest way to learn what was going on without the IDE telling me; plus it has good syntax highlighting. It helped me learn the language through trial and error. Only once I had become competent in the basic of the language did I move onto a fully fledge IDE!
    – Hayden
    May 22 '12 at 8:46
  • The Zeus editor has support for Java and it has the features you describe.
    – jussij
    May 28 '12 at 1:38

use Eclipse or NetBeans, the two best editor for java programs.

You can download Eclipse from this link and NetBeans from this link

  • Personally, I think Netbeans is better for a beginner as Eclipse is a little unwieldy.
    – Tharwen
    May 22 '12 at 8:39

There are many free editors (IDEs) available, but my favourite is Eclipse (download here).

The best thing about eclipse is that it supports the operations you are looking for. Code highlighting is no problem. It also has code completion, auto indentation and you can format your java classes so they are display in the way you like.

Not only that there are an extensive selection of plugins available for eclipse. Also check out the getting started guide (here)


Full fledged IDEs that are free are:

  • Eclipse by the Eclipse Foundation
  • NetBeans by Oracle (formerly Sun)
  • JDeveloper by Oracle

A great one that costs money is IntelliJ IDEA at jetbrains.com

Some simpler text editors that support code completion and syntax highlighting are:

  • sublime text 2 (up and commer - excellent extendable framework with lots of plugins)
  • jedit
  • kate (for the KDE enthusiast - KDE on linux, Mac OSX and Windows)
  • notepad ++
  • textpad

hope this helps.

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