I'm trying to build my app with the sencha app build command but I get this error :

[ERROR] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object Stack trace:
file:////public/m/app/controller/Nearby.js?_dc=1337687749349 : 62 : App.controller.Nearby#notify

This is my notify() :

notify: function(title, message){
  var view = this.getView();

    xtype: 'panel',
    html: '<h2>' + title + '</h2><p>' + message + '</p>',
    styleHtmlContent: true

The view is reference like so

refs: { view: 'nearbyview' },

And the App.view.Nearby has ben added to the required views of another view.

I'm running the last version of the SDK tools.

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I finally found where the problem was coming form.

In a controller, I was using a this route :

  '':      'home',

I removed it and everything's working fine now.

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