I'm trying to integrate Evernote SDK to my CodeIgniter web application and some classes from the library are loaded and others not, :-S I can't see why.

I have that simple piece of code:

$access_token = 'my validated access token ';

// Get User Store
catch(TTransportException $e)
    print $e->errorCode.' Message:'.$e->parameter;

$userStoreProt = new TBinaryProtocol($userStoreTrans);
$userStoreClient = new UserStoreClient($userStoreProt, $userStoreProt);

While $userStoreTrans and $userStoreProt are created correctly, a THttpClient and TBinaryProtocol classes from Evernote SDK, $userStoreClient throws a Class 'UserStoreClient' not found in .../home.php

I don't understand why some classes are recognized and some others not, the main difference that I can see is that "TClasses" are under evernote-sdk-php/lib/transport/*.php and evernote-sdk-php/lib/protocol/*.php and UserStoreClient has an extra folder evernote-sdk-php/lib/packages/UserStore/*.php

I'll explain how I'm including evernote-sdk-php to my CodeIgniter installation:

This is my CodeIgniter config/autoload.php

$autoload['libraries'] = array('database','session','form_validation','security','tank_auth','Evernote_bootstrap');

This is my Evernote_bootstrap.php file

<?php if (!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

define("EVERNOTE_LIBS", dirname(__FILE__) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . "evernote-sdk-php/lib");

// add ourselves to include path
ini_set("include_path", ini_get("include_path") . ":" . EVERNOTE_LIBS);


class Evernote_Bootstrap
    function __construct()
        // log_message('debug','Evernote_Bootstrap');

The main purpose of Evernote_Bootstrap class is the require_once of evernote-sdk-php/lib/autoload.php, this class is auto-generated using the -phpa Thrift generator flag, I only add some logging to see the problem.



 * Copyright (c) 2006- Facebook
 * Distributed under the Thrift Software License
 * See accompanying file LICENSE or visit the Thrift site at:
 * http://developers.facebook.com/thrift/
 * @package thrift
 * @author Mark Slee <mcslee@facebook.com>

 * Include this file if you wish to use autoload with your PHP generated Thrift
 * code. The generated code will *not* include any defined Thrift classes by
 * default, except for the service interfaces. The generated code will populate
 * values into $GLOBALS['THRIFT_AUTOLOAD'] which can be used by the autoload
 * method below. If you have your own autoload system already in place, rename your
 * __autoload function to something else and then do:
 * $GLOBALS['AUTOLOAD_HOOKS'][] = 'my_autoload_func';
 * Generate this code using the -phpa Thrift generator flag.

 * This parses a given filename for classnames and populates
 * $GLOBALS['THRIFT_AUTOLOAD'] with key => value pairs
 * where key is lower-case'd classname and value is full path to containing file.
 * @param String $filename Full path to the filename to parse
function scrapeClasses($filename) {
  $fh = fopen($filename, "r");
  while ($line = fgets($fh)) {
    $matches = array();
    if ( preg_match("/^\s*class\s+([^\s]+)/", $line, $matches)) {
      if (count($matches) > 1)
        $GLOBALS['THRIFT_AUTOLOAD'][strtolower($matches[1])] = $filename;

function findFiles($dir, $pattern, &$finds) {
  if (! is_dir($dir))
  if (empty($pattern))
    $pattern = "/^[^\.][^\.]?$/";
  $files = scandir($dir);
  if (!empty($files)) {
    foreach ($files as $f) {
      if ($f == "." || $f == "..")
      if ( is_file($dir . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $f) && preg_match($pattern, $f)) {
        $finds[] = $dir . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $f;
      } else if ( is_dir($dir . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $f) && substr($f, 0, 1) != ".") {
        findFiles($dir . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $f, $pattern, $finds);
function str_var_dump($object)
    $dump = ob_get_clean();
    return $dump;

// require Thrift core
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . "Thrift.php");

if (! isset($GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT']))
  $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'] = dirname(__FILE__);

log_message('debug','bootstrap autoload.php is executing');

// stuff for managing autoloading of classes

// only populate if not done so already
  //$allLibs = glob( dirname(__FILE__) . "/**/*.php");  // oh poor winblows users can't use glob recursively
  $allLibs = array();
  findFiles( dirname(__FILE__), "/\.php$/i", $allLibs);
  if (!empty($allLibs)) {
    foreach ($allLibs as $libFile) {
    log_message('debug','all scrapped classes: ' . str_var_dump($GLOBALS['THRIFT_AUTOLOAD']));
  log_message('debug','$GLOBALS[THRIFT_AUTOLOAD] already defined');

// main autoloading
if (!function_exists('__autoload')) {
  function __autoload($class) {
    global $THRIFT_AUTOLOAD;
    $classl = strtolower($class);
    if (isset($THRIFT_AUTOLOAD[$classl])) {
      // log_message('debug','$THRIFT_AUTOLOAD[$classl] is set, do require_once');
      //include_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'].'/packages/'.$THRIFT_AUTOLOAD[$classl];
    } else if (!empty($GLOBALS['AUTOLOAD_HOOKS'])) {
      log_message('debug','$GLOBALS[AUTOLOAD_HOOKS]is no empty, lets foreach');
      foreach ($GLOBALS['AUTOLOAD_HOOKS'] as $hook) {
        // log_message('debug','iterate');
    } else {
        log_message('debug','nothing to do');

Then I logged that library and seems to work fine. You can see the main important logs: log_message('debug',str_var_dump($allLibs)); and log_message('debug','all scrapped classes: ' . str_var_dump($GLOBALS['THRIFT_AUTOLOAD'])); and the output: http://pastebin.com/8w1MCKx9:

As you can see, UserStore class seems to be equally fine loaded than THttpClient or TBinaryProtocol... any idea about the problem?

I don't know if is important but I notice that $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'], defined on autoload.php, is not accesible from a CI Controller. Probably I'm missing something about CI architecture.

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As of our lastest SDK updates, UserStoreClient (and the other SDK classes) are in appropriate namespaces. Assuming that you're using our generated code, have you imported the classes you're using? E.g.

use EDAM\UserStore\UserStoreClient;

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