I have come across some forum postings suggesting that the usage of generics in Ext-GWT is flawed. The postings are:

With the latest release of ExtGWT, do these flaws still hold good?


I don't think Generics in Ext-GWT is flawed. I do think the extgwt Java coding style is poor and could improve.

The idea behind

public <T> T getModel() { ...}

for example, is simply to generify the method to avoid type-casting. This can trip the Java compiler when you chain calls. For instance, if getModel() returns Foo and Foo has a bar() method, you can't do something like:

getModel().bar() since the compiler cannot figure out what object you expect. You can in such cases, provide a hint by doing so:


By the way, the eclipse compiler is smarter than the JDK and may not complain when it sees some of these constructs but the JDK compiler will.

There is a huge rewrite of Ext-GWT coming with 3.0 - they get rid of their client event model and support ui-binder for example. Expected this summer I believe.

  • That is the precise scenario I was grappling with 2 years ago when I tried ExtGWT ... I agree with your suggestion that the coding style is poor and somewhat fuzzy. – Thimmayya Jul 14 '11 at 15:36
  • This answer for a similar question is very relevant here .. stackoverflow.com/questions/338887/… – Thimmayya Jul 14 '11 at 15:38

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