I need to specify the MySQL database with the help of Maven 2. In the dependency, what kind of groupID and artifactID shall I use?

How can one find groupID and artifactID`s for different products? That is, I don't know those for MySQL, or they are not important? How does it work?


The main Maven repository is located at repo.maven.apache.org. You can search it (for packages) at the site http://search.maven.org. A search for mysql turns up the mysql-java-connector, which is probably what you want. The groupid and artifactid are listed on the search page.

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    One issue I can mention as addition do this answer is to recommend adding such artifacts with <scope>runtime</scope>. This is probably less known Maven scope and I don't see it used even with dependencies such as JDBC driver or JSTL taglib or JPA vendor (with pure use of JPA) that fit perfectly into runtime scope. – Michał Kalinowski May 23 '12 at 7:37

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