Heres my code:

<div id="cmdt_1_1d" class="dt_state1" onclick="sel_test(this.id)">
<img id="cmdt_1_1i" onclick="dropit('cmdt_1_1');" src="/site/hitechpackaging/images/items/bags_menu.jpg ">
<span class="dt_link">
<a href="javascript://">BAGS</a>

Unfortunately I cannot modify this file, is there a way using javascript to disable the onclick from the img tag only.

I was using this script but it disable the onclick event from all images. But i want only from this component

var anchorElements = document.getElementsByTagName('img');
// for (var i in anchorElements)
 //   anchorElements[i].onclick = function() {
       // alert(this.id);
 //       return false;
 //   }

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Edited: Is there a way to stop the function dropit from executing, is it possible using javascript. On page load, etc.

another option is can i rename the img file using javascript??

  • Is jQuery used on the page? – Joel Etherton May 23 '12 at 1:14
  • I can only use javascript. – jbcedge May 23 '12 at 1:15
  • 2
    You've already got the code to do it in your question. Perhaps your question isn't how to disable it so much as how to isolate this particular image without disabling all images and without knowing the id. – Joel Etherton May 23 '12 at 1:17
var eles = document.getElementById('cmdt_1_1d').getElementsByTagName('img');
for (var i=0; i < eles.length; i++)
   eles[i].onclick = function() {
     return false;
  • thanks Gabe its working fine but I want to know is there a way to disable all the img tag inside a div. Because there will be lots of image file and will dont know the names. Is it possible??? – jbcedge May 23 '12 at 1:21
  • 1
    Nit pick: (though it is a good answer) there's no getElement_s_ById - there are only ever (supposed to be) one element per Id. – JKing May 23 '12 at 1:22
  • @jazzrai - updated. – Gabe May 23 '12 at 1:25
  • 1
    do you know the name of the div that they are in? CSS-selectors are very powerful - you can certainly do it as long as you know something about where the images will be. Something like document.querySelectorAll("div#thatContainsImages img") will get you a NodeList of all img tags descendant of that div. – JKing May 23 '12 at 1:30
  • 1
    Thankyou so much Gabe....appreciated – jbcedge May 23 '12 at 1:30
  • nice - I totally didn't even think of removeAttribute - that's probably the sanest way to do it, rather than intercept/overwrite it - just remove it! – JKing May 23 '12 at 1:21
  • Yes, unusual, but for "obstrusive" javascript it should work :-) – Bergi May 23 '12 at 1:24
  • @Bergi—your definition of unobtrusive seems different to others, your answer is just plain JS. "Unobtrusive" javascript would wait for the document to load, would test to see if the element exists, then would then test to see if removeAttribute was supported before calling it. – RobG May 23 '12 at 2:00
  • @RobG: Yes, that's true. With "obtrusive" I meant the hardcoded on-event attributes in the html source. – Bergi May 23 '12 at 11:21

Lots of answers, but the simplest is:

document.getElementById('cmdt_1_1i').onclick = '';

try something like this:

var badImage = document.getElementById("cmdt_1_1i");
badImage.onclick = null;
    return null;

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