I am using Axlsx for generating Excel file.

I need to add image to the Excel File. I have used this code :

ws.add_image(:image_src => '../something',:noSelect => true, :noMove => true) do |image|
  image.start_at 0,0

where 'ws' is the worksheet.

It adds the required image, but i am not able to set the 'width' & 'height' of the image with this code. Even if i give width=2000 and height=1000, it does not affect the image in Excel file.

Can anybody tell , what i doing wrong.?

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This looks correct to me as well, and is inline with the example in the gem.

wb.add_worksheet(:name => "Image with Hyperlink") do |sheet|
  img = File.expand_path('../image1.jpeg', __FILE__)
  # specifying the :hyperlink option will add a hyper link to your image.
  # @note - Numbers does not support this part of the specification.
  sheet.add_image(:image_src => img, :noSelect => true, :noMove => true, :hyperlink=>"http://axlsx.blogspot.com") do |image|
    image.width = 7
    image.height = 6
    image.hyperlink.tooltip = "Labeled Link"
    image.start_at 2, 2

There is a possibility that a bug was introduced in the version you are using.

As we discussed on #axlsx, lets try this against master on github and if it does prove to be a bug in the version you are using, I'll push out a new release.



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    After some investigation, this is working properly in MS Excel -but not in Open Office Ubuntu - time to go digging for the differences!
    – randym
    May 23, 2012 at 13:54
  • for reference, OOXML spec lists: ext (Shape Extent) which contains cx and xy properties of type ST_PositiveCoordinate
    – randym
    May 23, 2012 at 13:58

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