looking for a way to perform the following:

Start > Run > "%TEMP% > Delete everything (skipping any conflicts).

so Far I have

@echo off
start %TEMP%
DEL *.*

I suppose I could use CD to get to the folder, the thing I'm wondering is if there are any instances where it cannot delete an a dialog box comes up, I want to skip these.

Thanks for the help! Liam

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del won't trigger any dialogs or message boxes. You have a few problems, though:

  1. start will just open Explorer which would be useless. You need cd to change the working directory of your batch file (the /D is there so it also works when run from a different drive):

    cd /D %temp%
  2. You may want to delete directories as well:

    for /d %%D in (*) do rd /s /q "%%D"
  3. You need to skip the question for del and remove read-only files too:

    del /f /q *

so you arrive at:

@echo off
cd /D %temp%
for /d %%D in (*) do rd /s /q "%%D"
del /f /q *
  • Thanks mate! Works a charm, can now schedule it weekly with task scheduler! May 23, 2012 at 9:41
  • Thanks for step by step explanation!!
    – Paritosh
    Jun 28, 2013 at 6:02
  • One issue I am facing. "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." when trying for second time. Do we need to kill something? Nov 4, 2020 at 14:01

The following batch commands are used to delete all your temp, recent and prefetch files on your System.

Save the following code as "Clear.bat" on your local system

*********START CODE************


del /s /f /q %userprofile%\Recent\*.*

del /s /f /q C:\Windows\Prefetch\*.*

del /s /f /q C:\Windows\Temp\*.*

del /s /f /q %USERPROFILE%\appdata\local\temp\*.*

/Below command to Show the folder after deleted files

Explorer %userprofile%\Recent

Explorer C:\Windows\Prefetch

Explorer C:\Windows\Temp

Explorer %USERPROFILE%\appdata\local\temp

*********END CODE************

If you want to remove all the files in the %TEMP% folder you could just do this:

del %TEMP%\*.* /f /s /q

That will remove everything, any file with any extension (*.*) and do the same for all sub-folders (/s), without prompting you for anything (/q), it will just do it, including read only files (/f).

Hope this helps.

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    It won't remove directories, though.
    – Joey
    May 23, 2012 at 10:21
  • @Joey True, your answer is better :)
    – Bali C
    May 23, 2012 at 10:41

cd C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local rmdir /S /Q Temp

del C:\Windows\Prefetch*.* /Q

del C:\Windows\Temp*.* /Q

del C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent Items*.* /Q pause

@echo off
RD %TEMP%\. /S /Q

explorer %temp%

This batch can run from anywhere. RD stands for Remove Directory but this can remove both folders and files which available to delete.


Just use

del /f /q C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\temp

And it will work.

Note: It will delete the whole folder however, Windows will remake it as it needs.

@echo off    
del /s /f /q %windir%\temp\*.*    
rd /s /q %windir%\temp    
md %windir%\temp    
del /s /f /q %windir%\Prefetch\*.*    
rd /s /q %windir%\Prefetch    
md %windir%\Prefetch    
del /s /f /q %windir%\system32\dllcache\*.*    
rd /s /q %windir%\system32\dllcache    
md %windir%\system32\dllcache    
del /s /f /q "%SysteDrive%\Temp"\*.*    
rd /s /q "%SysteDrive%\Temp"    
md "%SysteDrive%\Temp"    
del /s /f /q %temp%\*.*    
rd /s /q %temp%    
md %temp%    
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\History"\*.*    
rd /s /q "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\History"    
md "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\History"    
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files"\*.*    
rd /s /q "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files"    
md "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files"    
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp"\*.*    
rd /s /q "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp"    
md "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp"    
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%\Recent"\*.*    
rd /s /q "%USERPROFILE%\Recent"    
md "%USERPROFILE%\Recent"    
del /s /f /q "%USERPROFILE%\Cookies"\*.*    
rd /s /q "%USERPROFILE%\Cookies"    
md "%USERPROFILE%\Cookies"
@echo off
del /s /f /q c:\windows\temp\*.*
rd /s /q c:\windows\temp
md c:\windows\temp
del /s /f /q C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch
del /s /f /q %temp%\*.*
rd /s /q %temp%
md %temp%
deltree /y c:\windows\tempor~1
deltree /y c:\windows\temp
deltree /y c:\windows\tmp
deltree /y c:\windows\ff*.tmp
deltree /y c:\windows\history
deltree /y c:\windows\cookies
deltree /y c:\windows\recent
deltree /y c:\windows\spool\printers
del c:\WIN386.SWP

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