I'm searching for a finite field/galois field exact linear algebra library for C (C++ is not acceptable because I need to be able to write a Haskell-binding to it and that's apparently difficult with C++).

I found libraries for like FFLAS-FFPACK and Givaro but these are C++-template libraries :-(

In particular I want to be able to multiply 𝔽pn×1 and 𝔽p1×m matrices (vectors) to 𝔽pn×m matrices.

So, does anyone know a C or "extern C" library that is suitable?

PS: Here's my Haskell question about the same matter.

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  • It's not hard to export a C++ library as a C library by just replacing method calls with functions that take the instance as the first parameter. – David Heffernan May 23 '12 at 11:12
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    +1 for the subscript/superscript characters :) – Eitan T May 23 '12 at 11:30
  • @DavidHeffernan , don't templates make it harder? – Johannes Weiss May 23 '12 at 13:41
  • You just have to instantiate the classes that you want. – David Heffernan May 23 '12 at 13:43
  • Does the GSL do what you need? – Kevin May 23 '12 at 14:28

PARI/GP is opensource, is written in C and it supports some basic linear algebra over finite field.

No warranties for specific suitability from me, of course - I'm not related to the development.

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