I'm planning all in one solution for analytics, sitemap and routing.

Which extension mechanism in Asp.Net mvc I have to use? Some of the sitemap and analytics problem could be resolved at routing level. I think there is overhead using 3rd party Sitemap solution. (https://github.com/maartenba/MvcSiteMapProvider). More integrated solution will be better.

(For example I will store all Url,Controller,Action info on Pagedb, there will be regex maybe but also I will store them in db and cache)

Ps:I will use ServiceStack Mvc framework:) and asp.net mvc 4


  • App_Start

    Prepare all urls via PageProvider (something like DynamicSiteMap feature in MvcSitemapProvider)

    All URLs are stored and cached with Controller,Action, Parameters as object (Also Sitemap is ready)

  • App_BeginRequest

    Check URL is PageCache

    • if exists update analytics and run via strong typed parameters

    • if not exists check valid and add to PageCache go former option

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