I am writing a desktop application using vb.net. In that application one screen needs the web information.

We need to get the info from webpage - display as it is on web. whenever the page refreshed or changed the content that should reflect on desktop application also.

I am new to desktop applications. That's why I am not getting which way is better to show the webpage on desktop application.

I thought we could use Iframe to map and place in another website. That way can we do in desktop application also.


You can use WebBrowser() control and render complete HTML content in a WinForm app. More details here-->http://frazzleddad.blogspot.in/2007/07/working-with-webbrowser-control-in.html


If you don't want to display the page, but instead read its contents and display it in the application, you could use the HTML Agility Pack to parse the page and then place the contents into your winforms controls.

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