I have many classes in GWT that represents graphical widgets. They are packaged as a GWT module called GWT-Toolbox. This module only have for now, client code. That means, all those classes are mainly layouts, windows, that I reuse along my others GWT-apps (separate modules).

For the moment, the way I'm doing this is that all my others GWT-apps inherits this GWT-Toolbox module.

Is it the right way of doing it ?

My main question is about images resources. I want to use in the GWT-Toolbox module, some images that would be shared along all GWT-apps.

What can I achieve that ? I don't want to use ClientBundle because it do not fit my needs.

Where do I put my resources files, and how they will be packaged in the GWT-apps ?

For the record, I'm using GWT 2.4


So, with the help of the community, I figured out how to proceed. Note, that this solution doesn't use ClientBundle.

GWT-Toolbox - this is the files structure

--- com.mypackage.toolbox
------ public
--------- images
------------ img1.png
------------ img2.png
--------- GWT-Toolbox.gwt.xml

Inside GWT-Toolbox source code, refer to this images like this :

GWT.getModuleBaseURL() + "images/img1.png"

and that's it.


Is it the right way of doing it?

Absolutely; this is actually no different from widgets the live in the com.google.gwt.user.User module. (provided inherits means <inherits/>, and putting the GWT-Toolbox JAR in the classpath)

Where do I put my resources files, and how they will be packaged in the GWT-apps ?

You can either put them as simple resources in your JAR so that other modules can use them with ClientBundle by providing their path in @Source.
Or you an put them in a public subfolder (to be exact, the public path of your module, the subfolder name defaults to public but is actually configurable) of your module so they're deployed side-by-side with the *.cache.* compiled files (this is how themes work in GWT).

  • Great. Worked as expected. I see some strange, but perhaps normal thing. In my GWT-app war file, I now have the GWT-appName/images folder (from GWT-Toolbox) - which is great, and a /images folder (at root) which contains the images used by the GWT-app only. Is is normal ? – Jean-Michel Garcia May 24 '12 at 13:08
  • Yes (I suppose). Everything in GWT-appName comes from the modules' public path and the output of the GWT compiler. The sibling images is (I suppose) one that you have in your war folder. – Thomas Broyer May 24 '12 at 14:42

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