I am deploying a report in SSRS 2008.

I created the report on the same server as where it should be deployed on.

I am getting this error message when I try to deploy my solution:

Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.

why does it use this user? is it logging into the database with this?

thanks so much for you guidance and ttime. and please let me know what information you need in order to point me into the right direction.

  • SSRS Server uses data sources to connect to databases.
  • When you setup a datasource in the SSRS server, under credentials: set the user and password.
  • When you deploy the report to the SSRS server. In the server you need to assign the correct datasource per report

If this is a login problem with the SSRS Web Site, then check the setup. Link

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