I want to implement the UI of my metro app using a Web View. Then, HTML/JS/CSS code will run inside it. The idea is to isolate that pure JS code from WinRT and Metro SDK. Aditionally I want to code in the same Metro app a C# API layer which will be consumed by the JS inside Web View. When the UI needs to use native code ( e.g. call to WinRT components ), UI code running inside webview should call my C# methods.

Could someone give me an example about How call a C# method from javascript which is in a web view for a Metro app. Thanks, Hugo.

The walkthrough you told me use a JavaScript project as a client and It has a reference to Windows Runtime Component developed in C#. (WinMD file) Instead of having a metro Javascript project, I want to develop a Metro Style App using a C# project as client. It will contains a Web View which is the container of my UI . This project will have a reference to Windows Runtime Component developed in C#. (WinMD file) The idea is that the javascript running inside web view invokes methods from WinMD file, but unfortunately I could not call a method from WinMD from javascript running inside a Web View.


You posted the exact same question here:


The answer to your question should be here:

and here:

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