So i am learning the Yii Framework, and there is that thing with the built in admin/demo accounts when you first create the sceleton application. I would like to remove them cause even after uplodet to my webserver i can still log in with them. So where can i remove that please?


In the folder protected/components/ you'll have a file UserIdentity.php that's where these default logins appear, you can change/remove them.

You can use your db to authenticate against your users table, somewhat like this:

class UserIdentity extends CUserIdentity
 private $_id;
 public function authenticate()
     else if($record->password!==md5($this->password))
         $this->setState('title', $record->title);
     return !$this->errorCode;

 public function getId()
     return $this->_id;

Check this article in the guide.


under protected/components you'll find UserIdentity.php, the users and their passwords will be declared in the authenticate function using an array.

public function authenticate()
        // username => password

More specific info on how to use authentication in Yii can be found at the authentication and authorisation subsection of the official Yii documentation

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