I have a bit of a problem at how to synchronize 2 processes. First process must create a shared memory, then wait for the second process to fill the shared memory and signalize it back to the first process. I don't know how to make the first process wait.

Here is a pseudocode of how my processes look like:


create shared memory
create a semaphore
wait for the second process /* this part i dont know how to write */
output the shared memory


get shared memory id
get the semaphore id
fill the shared memory 
  • signalize ? :D – cnicutar May 27 '12 at 9:18
  • create shared memory and semaphores in process 2 and get shared memory and semaphore id in process1, and do a sem_wait in process1 for the shared memory and do a sem_post in process2 after you copied the data into the shared memory. – John Dec 10 '13 at 12:50

You are correct so far.

As you mentioned in your question you are using semaphore that is the answer to your question.

In posix semaphore api, you have sem_wait() which will wait until value of the semaphore count is zero once it is incremented using sem_post from other process the wait will finish.

In this case you have to use 2 semaphores for synchronization.

process 1 (reader)


process 2(writer)

In this way you can achieve synchronization in shared memory.


This is hint and not an complete answer. Use condition variables. See https://computing.llnl.gov/tutorials/pthreads/#ConditionVariables, that explains how it works. You can work out the solution from there.

  • Isn't conditional variables suppose to work only with threads? Or Am I missing something? – Jay May 27 '12 at 9:42
  • Ok I solved it in a different way. We wait for the other process when we set the value of the sem_op=0;. – Kajzer May 27 '12 at 9:47

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