I have a need to use dynamic LINQ where I can use variables in place of field names. Now I have done some googling and found that there is a sample for VS2008 where we can get this functionality. My question is what has happened to this DLINQ ? It's been 4 years and I wonder whether it's made it into framework proper or some other new solutions have been invented to replace this? I only have my interest in DLINQ now so it is rather difficult to find further info on google, beside not knowing what exactly I am looking for other than 'better incarnation of DLINQ'. Can anyone shed some light?

  • DLINQ also denotes distributed linq... perhaps "dynamic linq" has been renamed? – Nathan Nov 6 '12 at 10:52

This was never an "official" part of LINQ so has never been included in the framework.

The source was freely available and versions of it have appeared in CodePlex and on GitHub

The GitHub source appears to be the origin of the Nuget package

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I've resurrected Dynamic LINQ, adding support for .NET 4.0/4.5, added support documentation (a work in progress), and added lots of new features.

Here is the link to the docs page, and from there, you can find the NuGet package and GitHub Project

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