I have a requirement that is not trivial to solve, at least for someone who is not at professional level in Android development I think.

I am developing an API that stores user request (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE). Those request can be issued by any App that uses my API and are stored in a SQLite DB that belongs to my Manager App (the API exposes a content provider for this) which deals with maintaining different users' accounts and queuing all requests and executing them when there is network available. Each request is associated to it's owner (user id) and source (App package).

The requests are executed when there is network coverage which, in my specific context, will happen mostly when the Apps that generated the request are switched off.

The request are executed by an IntentService which is fired when network is connected.

Now the problem:

How can this IntentService update each App information using their business logic when the applications are offline?

I thought about having in the API a base class that would have to be extended by the Apps' developers and in that class they would implement the parsing of HTTP responses (which I get for them) accordingly to their App's business logic. But now again how can I invoke that code for parsing responses from within my intent service which belongs to my Manager App.

Thank you all in advance,


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    Provide abstract BroadcastReceiver which will receive/react on your specified intent, to other apps and then just broadcast that intent from your ManagerApp. That should work, I think. – nullpotent May 28 '12 at 16:17
  • Thanks Aljosha, this solution is not completely out of the table but I see two problems here: 1) When I send a Broadcast from ManagerApp/Service, all the Apps that extended the BroadcastReceiver will get the information, even though that specific information is not for them, correct? 2) When BroadcastReceiver would receive a response to one of the request it would have to figure out what was the original request and what it is intended for, and this is tricky because I don't want to make developers maintain information about cached data inside their Apps (that's the role of my ManagerApp) – Oleksandr Kruk May 28 '12 at 17:04
  • Ok, i see that problem 1) is not really a problem, using Intent#setPackage() I can restrict it for specific receiver. But question 2) persist, what to do with a response to GET/PUT/POST/DELETE request if I have no clue about when I generated it from which activity and with what purpose – Oleksandr Kruk May 28 '12 at 17:21

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