Simply Running rails g from command line suffers from long time of pre-loading. I want to fast generate multiple migrations from a running rails c, so I tried:

require 'rails/generators'
Rails::Generators.invoke('migration',['user_book_list_followings'],{:behavior=>:invoke, :destination_root=>Rails.root})

You ask where did I get that :behavior and :destination_root arguments? Well, I pried at the Rails::Generators#invoke execution point when I run the generator from the command and recorded the exact arguments.

However, the funny thing was, I was presented with a error saying:

No value provided for required options '--orm'

Did I miss anything? (I was on Rails 3.2.3)


One solution to speed up callings rails g, is using sprockets.

Spring is a Rails application preloader. It speeds up development by keeping your application running in the background so you don't need to boot it every time you run a test, rake task or migration.

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