I have a database with documents with readers field where there are the signer as only Reader.

I need to open an Xpages for a public access that show evenry document in edit-mode with URL:


There are a solution for open the datasource with sessionasSigner credential and show and edit the fields?



How about using a managed bean instead of a document datasource and build all the logic into that? Gives you full control over how the data is retrieved/ stored and should solve the issue you're having.

You can start with this article on how to use managed beans in XPages.


Here you can find an example how this can be realized: http://hasselba.ch/blog/?p=723

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    Nice blog post! Why not include a copy of the blog post here, just avoiding broken future broken links etc. ? ;-) Thanks for sharing. May 31 '12 at 10:29

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