I have a report in Reporting Services and there is a group that is based around a field value. I want the group to repeat itself on the report as many times as there are rows with that field. The problem is that using Field!field.Value seems to only pull distinct values. Since my dataset has rows that have duplicate values, they are not all showing.

When I declare my parent group, is there a way to tell it to group on every row in the parent group, not just the distinct rows?

Alternatively, is there a list of other options I can use other than just .Value on my field?


What about using the RowNumber function (not adding it into the dataset) as an expression to group on?

I don't have a report in front of me right now, but I think that might work.


Is there a second field that you can use a "dummy" (aka tie breaker, key etc), to include in the grouping to make it unique?

This is how I'd do it.

Edit: after comment.

Can you add a calculated field to the dataset, such as Rownumber to act as one?

Edit 2: I mean in SSRS itself: "Calculated field"

  • I wish there was. Unfortunately, there is bad duplicate data in the system, however, I am trying to recreate an old report that was based off of XSLT previously and as sad as it is, I have to recreate its errors. It is a University Transcript and the new ones have to be identical to the old ones.
    – kd7iwp
    Jul 3 '09 at 18:26
  • While that would work with a regular query, I am unfortunately using a stored procedure, so I suppose I can't really add anything like that to it.
    – kd7iwp
    Jul 3 '09 at 18:33

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