I have a JsTree instance in which all childs are loaded async by a json call.

How can I detect if a user has selected a leaf node?

I've tried to use the success callback of ajax, but of course that also gets called if you simply open a Node with a "+". Is there an event like "child nodes loaded"?

  • You need to fire ajax to get the data. And then you can check if a node is a leaf type. Or am I missing something? Leaf or not leaf is data dependent. And you don't have data ready before ajax call finishes. – Radek May 31 '12 at 3:55

Radek, you are right.

In the end I've come up with another solution. While requesting the child nodes on the server I detect if a node has child nodes or not. By adding a Flag to the response dto it is possible to use this information on the client like this:

success: function (data) { 
  return $.map(data.d, function (item) {
      return {
          data: item.data,
          state: item.state,
          attr: item.attr,
          children: item.children
          return {
          data: item.data,
          attr: item.attr

If there are no 'children' and 'state' attributes in the response jsTree recognizes this as leaf node. Now you can use the .is_leaf(node) method of jsTree in the "node_select".

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