I need to update my data that have html tag inside so wrote this on liquibase

<sql> update table_something set table_content = " something <br/> in the next line " </sql>

it apparently doesn't work on liquibase ( i got loooong errors .. and meaningless). I tried to remove <br/> and it works.

my question is, is it possible to insert / update something that contains xml tag in Liquibase ?

I am using liquibase 1.9.3 with Grails 1.1.1

edited: forgot to set code sample tag in my examples.

  • Your question is not really clear. Could you please explain a bit more what your setting is? Are you using liquibase XML directly for defining your changesets, or do you use the DSL provided by the autobase grails plugin? Is your "update .." something you try to execute in a custom sql refactoring (liquibase.org/manual/custom_sql)? Jul 4, 2009 at 22:49
  • sorry i was forgot to add code formatting in my example. i was trying to execute a migration that contains "sql" commands and inside i put a html/xml tag. Jul 5, 2009 at 11:17

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As the liquibase author mentions here you'll need to add CDATA section inside <sql>.

In your particular example that would become:

<sql><![CDATA[ update table_something set table_content = " something <br/> in the next line " ]]></sql>

Even better not to use a <sql> tag at all (I added the where clause ...):

<changeSet author="author" id="table_something_1">
    <update tableName="table_something">
        <column name="table_content"><![CDATA[ something <br/> in the next line ]]></column>
    <rollback />

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