I developed a custom mediator and its corresponding Factory/Serializer classes so that I can configure complex configuration options for it inside a sequence. This was made with a carbon app project using carbon studio.

The thing is that the only way I can make the configuration element to work is by deploying the jar file outside the .car file.

Can I just deploy the .car file to make it work? Where do I have to put the META-INF/services folder in order to work properly?

Here's my CarbonAppProject structure

         +--jXLS <-- Java Library Artifact
         +--XlsToObjectMediator <-- Custom Mediator Artifact
      +--org.apache.synapse.config.xml.MediatorFactory <-- FILE
      +--org.apache.synapse.config.xml.MediatorSerializer <-- FILE
         +--<package> <-- mediator, factory and serializer clases

Any help will be much appreciated.

  • This carbon app I'm developing will have 2 mediators XlsToObject and ObjectToXls using jXLS library which I am willing to share with wso2 community!
    – nicolasdij
    May 30, 2012 at 22:32
  • I finally managed to find a workaround by creating a Mediator project containing the mediator classes, service folder inside META-INF and the external dependency JARs inside a lib folder at the root level. Then I generated the deployable JAR file which I deployed as an extension into [CARBON_HOME]\repository\deployment\server\extensions. I'm still tying to find out how to deploy all that inside a .car file though
    – nicolasdij
    Jun 12, 2012 at 16:03

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You cannot get this to work with this version of Carbon Studio but it is possible to get it work with newer version of it. You can get the newer version from http://builder1.us1.wso2.org/~developerstudio/developer-studio/2.0.0/RC1/wso2-developer-studio_2.0.0.RC1.zip


  1. Create a ESB Custom mediator project and create your mediator sources there
  2. Copy the META-INF/services folder to the src/main/resources folder of the same project.
  3. Build the Custom Mediator project with Maven
  4. Create a Java Library Artifact project and make sure to add jXLS library to it.
  5. Build the Java Library Artifact Project with Maven
  6. Create Carbon Application Project
  7. Add the Custom Mediator Project and Java Library Artifact project as dependencies of the Carbon Application Project.
  8. Build the C-App project with Maven

Now you will be able to get the ESB Custom Mediator running in ESB without any issue.

|-- pom.xml
`-- src
    `-- main
        |-- java
        |   `-- ddd
        |       `-- dd.java
        `-- resources
            `-- META-INF
                `-- services
                    |-- org.apache.synapse.config.xml.MediatorFactory
                    `-- org.apache.synapse.config.xml.MediatorSerializer

Your mediator project structure would be similar to above

Hope this helps!!



  • Hi Harshana, please notice the amendments to my original post. Thanks for your help!
    – nicolasdij
    May 31, 2012 at 14:25
  • @nicolasdij I modified my answer according to the amendments you provided.. hope this helps.. Jun 2, 2012 at 7:02
  • Thanks Harshana. I created Mediator and Java Library projects separately but in order to compile the first one I need to add the jXLS jars to the build path. Is there a way to add a dependency from the Mediator to the Java Library project to achieve this?
    – nicolasdij
    Jun 3, 2012 at 20:17
  • Ni @nicolasdij, Please find the newly added comment to solve this issue. Hope this helps!! Jun 4, 2012 at 7:05
  • 1
    @nicolasdij, You should be having 3 artifacts, JavaLibArtifact and 2 custom mediators. There is a server side issue due to C-App deployer deploys the artifacts Async manner. So there is an opportunity that your Custom mediators gets deployed before deploying JavaLibraryArtifact which could cause the custom mediator deployment to fail. It is the only logical explanation at this point :-) To avoid that you have to have 2 C-Apps for Java Library artifacts and for custom mediators. Deploying Java library Artifact C-App before the custom mediator C-App should solve your issue. Jun 15, 2012 at 7:26

I don't think declaring a project level dependency between JavaLibraryArtifact project and Custom mediator project will solve this.

But you can achieve this by adding the dependency to the actual 3rd Party Library from the mediator project.


  1. Right click on the Custom mediator project, select Build Path -> Configure Build Path
  2. Go to Libraries Tab and Select "Add Jars" button. This will populate the Project Browser dialog
  3. Expand the JavaLibraryArtifact Project in the Project Browser and select the jXLS library from the file list in there and click on "Ok"

Now you have added the jXLS to your Custom mediator project buildpath. So you won't see any errors in your Custom Mediator project.

If you open the .Classpath file of the Custom mediator project, you will see an entry similar to following.

<classpathentry kind="lib" path="/JavaLibArtifactProject/jXLS.jar"/>

To avoid compilation errors from Maven, you need to add a Dependency to jXLS library in the Custom mediator project pom.xml.

By following the above steps you can avoid duplicating the JXLS library in your projects.

Hope this helps!!



  • 1
    Thanks Harshana, I solved the libraries dependency in Eclipse by taking your answer. The .car file is created successfully but when deployed in Carbon ESB, the mediator's services metadata is not loaded unless I deploy jXLSLibrary and XlsToObjectMediator JARs separately. Maybe there's something in the ESB server that's not working with custom mediators bundled inside a CarbonApp file.
    – nicolasdij
    Jun 6, 2012 at 9:51

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