I am about to develop a web application, and I need an MVC framework for the same, I started working with the SproutCore, but doing a few more research, I came to know about Ember.js also. I have seen a lot of post, where they are claiming that ember.js is much better than Sproutcore, but looking at the differences, I have seen that the widget support is not there in Ember.js.

I have seen some other post for differnces also between the two like Here, but I am still not getting it, when to prefer Sproutcore and when Ember.


It predominantly comes down to the design style of application you are after as technically there are many similarities because of their shared ancestry.

If you want a web application that 'feels' like a Desktop app I'd go for Sproutcore.

If you want your web application to be something more like Twitter, github or stackoverflow I'd go for Ember.


According to my history knowledge, sproutcore is the predecessor of emberjs.

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    Emberjs has forked Sproutocre, but both the projects are active. – Love Hasija May 31 '12 at 7:18

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