I have a Sencha Touch application calling my web service cross-domain using Ext.Ajax.request. As I have built the web service I've enabled it to access cross-domain requests. However Ext sends an OPTIONS request first as a handshake then a GET request whereas jQuery.ajax just sends a GET request. Due to circumstances outside my control the hosting provider doesn't support OPTIONS requests. At the moment I have resorted to using jQuery for ajax requests and Sencha Touch for the rest of the application. I don't really want to have to load the jQuery library just for this.

Can anyone shed some light on why Ext.Ajax sends an OPTIONS request and is there a way to make it just send a GET?


  • my problem too ! any luck finding the solution ? @CL4NCY – Ocelot Jun 4 '12 at 8:47

In the Ext.Ajax.request config, set useDefaultXhrHeader to false. This will prevent the extra OPTIONS request.

According to the docs:

Set this to false to not send the default Xhr header (X-Requested-With) with every request. This should be set to false when making CORS (cross-domain) requests.

My experience is that the OPTIONS call disappeared, I got the POST verb I expected.


Ext.Ajax.useDefaultXhrHeader = false


        url: 'www.yourUrl.com',

Or you can set with method like this :

                    url: "http://yoururl.domain",
                    success: function(response, eOpt) {
                    failure: function(response, eOpt) {

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