I have a pgp-encrypted file that I need to extract data from at runtime.
Can this be done by decrypting to memory only (as opposed to creating a decrypted file and deleting it when done)?


A Ruby library called OpenPGP was released a few months ago. It seems like it'd work for you.

  • Great, thanks! Will check it out. – LK__ Jul 5 '09 at 7:10

Unfortunately, most of the methods (e.g. sign(), verify(), encrypt(), and decrypt()) are not yet implemented (by the time of this writing) in the OpenPGP gem, which makes it useless.

I also found gpgr (https://github.com/HHRy/gpgr) not to be useful.

I am using gpg-me (https://github.com/ueno/ruby-gpgme/) for signing emails. At least for this purpose, it works fine.

I have not tried to decrypt files, but a short look at the source codes suggests that it will also work.

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