I'm new to Haskell.

I'm using ghci. I know I can move through directory with the command :cd <dir>. But I cannot find the command to list the files in a directory (something like Unix ls or Microsoft dir).

Is it possible to do it in GHCI?

Thank you


You can call bash command :!ls.


You can press tab after certain commands like :load to list the files in the working directory.

  • This is a partial answer (i.e. not sufficient). user needs to know how to identify what directory GHCi is run in (since it can be launched from an app launcher). Also tab would only provide the possibility of navigating down the directory tree, and not up it. – Ryan Mar 19 at 4:47

:show paths

type :? for help in GHCI; at the bottom, there's a Commands for displaying information heading

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