At the moment,I downloaded file twitter4j-android-2.2.5.rar and extracted it..But have many folder and I don't know add which folder and how to add.


Create libs folder and keep your jar file in this folder.Right click on jar choose Build path -> Add to build path.. that's all you need to do.


You should add the twitter4j jar file that's in the rar archive to your classpath. If you use Eclipse, it's in project/properties/java build path/libraries, or you can just put it in the libs folder in your project.

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    The correct path to the twitter4j core is /twitter4j/libs/twitter-core-XXX. Not the twitter4j rood as specified in the link provided by Christine. – user2431099 May 29 '13 at 5:21

I have downloaded twitter4j-4.0.2 and the jar file twitter4j-core-4.0.2 is in the lib folder not libs.



If you are using Android Studio,

  1. Put the twitter4j-core-4.0.1.jar file into the libs folder. (You should see it if you click the 1:Project tab on the left. It is in <Your Project> > app > libs.)
  2. Right click it and click 'Add as library'

Make sure compile files('libs/gson-2.2.4.jar') is in the build.gradle file.


Just add compile 'org.twitter4j:twitter4j-core:4.0.2' to your /app/build.gradle dependencies.

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