Is anyone aware of a multi-format file viewer, capable of displaying common image formats, as well as MS Office document formats (at least Word and Excel), and PDFs? I've seen several image viewers available, but none besides Outside In from Oracle.

I'm looking for viewer technology that can be imbedded in a .net application - a mixture of vb and c#

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We embed an Internet Explorer ActiveX control into our application for doing this. IE opens all of the files you listed.

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If you are looking for asp.net then you can try Doconut,if needed it can also be embedded in a web browser control for winforms applications. It does not need any activeX, it is pure HTML / javascript control, native .net.

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You can use GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET. It allows you to render or view multi-format files. The core feature of the API is to convert any supported file format to PDF, Image or HTML. Later, this output could be rendered in browser without any third party tool dependency.

string outputDirectory = "output path here";
string pageFilePathFormat = Path.Combine(outputDirectory, "page_{0}.html");
using (Viewer viewer = new Viewer("source file"))
    HtmlViewOptions options = 
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