I'm using a git submodule (let's call it SubmoduleRepo) so that I can include my module in couple of projects.

I can commit to SubmoduleRepo from any project that uses it.

I can update, commit and push to SubmoduleRepo pretty hassle-free.

I need to execute a commit hook whenever I commit something while working in a directory in a project that contains the SubmoduleRepo (when I work in SubmoduleRepo, the commit hook executes as expected)

There is no .git folder in submodule's dir (only .git file that specifies path to current directory).

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If you have Git 2.10+ you can get the hooks directory by running:

`git rev-parse --git-path hooks`

Note: by default it is .git/hooks but if you are in a submodule it will be different.

Pre Git 2.10+ you would want something like:

`git rev-parse --git-dir`/hooks

More info at: Find path to git hooks directory on the shell


I've found solution couple of moments after posting this...

You can put hooks in .git/modules//hooks/ - eg. .git/modules/web/js/modules/rate if your submodule is located in /web/js/modules/rate directory.


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