I'm currently searching for a Java VM which is portable (or already ported) to an ARM Cortex M3 (LPC1768 from NXP, 512kB ROM ). I have already some experience with simple Real Time Java (www.rtjcom.com) which has a small footprint and is well documented. Do you know some more embedded JVMs for Cortex M3? Ideally with a real Byte Code interpreter and a ClassLoader?

Thanks for your suggenstions.


The following a Java VMs target embedded systems:

This article by Michael Barr and Jason Steinhorn may also be helpful.

Note that on a Cortex M3 it may be very slow. An ARM part with Jazelle or ThumbEE may be more appropriate.

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Take a look at IS2T JVM as well, as the other JVM simply do not run on Cortex M devices.

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