I have a following xml:

    <divider />
    <divider />
    <divider />
    <divider />

I want to select all p nodes after first divider element until next occurrence of divider element. I tried with following xpath:


but the problem is it selects all p elements before last divider element. I'm not sure how to do it using xpath 1.


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Same concept as bytebuster, but a different xpath:


Here is a general XPath expression:


If you substitute $k with 1 then exactly the wanted p nodes are selected.

if you substitute $k with 2 then all p elements between the 2nd and 3rd divider , ..., etc.


This is a simple application of the Kayessian XPath 1.0 formula for node-set intersection:

$ns1[count(.|$ns2) = count($ns2)]

selects all the nodes that belong both to the nodesets $ns1 and $ns2.

In this specific case we substitute $ns1 with:


and we substitute $ns2 with:


I think there's a much simpler and probably faster solution: you want all preceding siblings of the second divider that have at least one preceding sibling divider:


It gets a bit more complex, of course, if you want to find the paras between the second and third dividers: then you want something more like Daniel Haley's solution.

  • Allows start and end divider tags to vary so, for instance, one may select items between an H1 and the first TABLE. Simple and flexible.
    – vhs
    Apr 24, 2020 at 20:56

What about selecting all p having exactly one element divider as preceding-sibling ?

//doc/p[preceding-sibling::divider[1] and not (preceding-sibling::divider[2])]

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