How does Meteor handle live changes? For instance I don't want changes to be instantaneous, but with some kind of animation of sorts. If we place the items being changed using css animations/transitions does this work? What about jQuery animations for older browsers?

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    +1 interesting, this probably will require some implementation changes. – Tom Wijsman Jun 3 '12 at 0:41

Here is a working example of a simple animation with meteor.

The situation here is that we have a list of items. If the user clicks on any of those items the item will animate 20px to the left.


Template.myItem.rendered = function(){
  var instance = this;
  if(Session.get("selected_item") === this.data._id){
    Meteor.defer(function() {  
      $(instance.firstNode).addClass("selected"); //use "instance" instead of "this"

  "click .myItem": function(evt, template){
    Session.set("selected_item", this._id);

  items: function(){
    return Items.find();


<template name="myItem">
  <div class="myItem">{{name}}</div>

<template name="myItemList">
  {{#each items}}
    {{> myItem}}


.myItem { transition: all 200ms 0ms ease-in; }
.selected { left: -20px; }

Instead of using fancy CSS you can also animate with jQuery:

Template.myItem.rendered = function(){
  if(Session.get("selected_item") === this.data._id){
      left: "-20px"
    }, 300);

But then you need to remove the CSS code.

.myItem { transition: all 200ms 0ms ease-in; }
.selected { left: -20px; }

  • Thanks, this helped me. Note if(Session.get("selected_item") === this.data._id) didn't work for me; I had to modify the rendered function to include a line like this instead: $('#'+Session.get("selected_item")).addClass("selected"). – Racing Tadpole Mar 9 '14 at 0:21
  • @TimBartsch I cannot find Meteor.defer() from the docs. What does it do? – Haikal Nashuha Jul 15 '14 at 8:11

There is a workaround like this:

<template name="foo">

In this case Meteor will call Template.foo.bar everytime this template gets rendered. So within this function you can do all kinds of Jquery or CSS3 animations (for example by adding a class to the templates div).

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    an example here would have been great. (notice how upvotes for "useful question" are a lot more than "answer is useful"). Maybe you can update your answer? – Alex Okrushko Dec 24 '12 at 18:17

For CSS transitions, there are two options you can go with:

1. Reactively: the Meteor way
2. Directly: the jQuery way

Here is a working example: http://bindle.me/blog/index.php/658/animations-in-meteor-state-of-the-game

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